April 2018

Newsletter Issue 1

We are so excited to bring to you our first Helping Little Angels Newsletter to share news about our activities in the UK, Pakistan and around the world.
Thank you for supporting Helping Little Angels and Jannat Ul Firdous Charity Trust.

We hope you find this to be an enjoyable and informative read.

Gazalah Ahmed

In this issue:

• Helping Little Angels (UK) News
• Jannat ul Firdous Trust (PK) News
• Helping Little Angels World Crisis

Response News

• Rohingya Refugees
• HLA/JUF Timeline

“Great people are born who serve humanity – these are a precious few, but no one is spared return to our Lord, yet we mourn the loss of our dear sister Shamim Mahmood, as Humans do”

Athar Siddiqui

A note from Athar Siddiqui – CEO

Taking on the role after Shamim’s untimely departure was always going to be a challenge. After all, Helping Little Angels was Shamim’s baby that she loved, nurtured and cared for every moment of her life. Therefore, I regard with honour my position as CEO of this established charity.
I knew from the outset that I could not possibly devote the same amount of time. The only way I could succeed would be by having by my side a team of hard-working, loyal, dedicated trustees and volunteers to continue the legacy. What an incredible team I have! This group of people forms the backbone of the charity and without them and the constant and full support of my family, I simply could not succeed in my role. I also want to acknowledge the Jannat ul Firdous Charity Trust team in Pakistan managed by Mr Abdul Sandhu with operations very ably led by Saima Mohsin. I fully appreciate and admire this teams’ dedication and commitment to the welfare of our children and dealing with the ongoing challenging issues as they arise on the ground. Finally, I am deeply indebted to YOU, the people who come and support our charity. You are the people who provide the funding and keep this charity alive – for this I thank you sincerely.

Special tribute to the Late Shamim Mahmood – Founder

Special tribute was given in remembrance of Late Shamim Mahmood (Founder of HLA/JUF Charity Trust) at the Annual Ramadhan Fundraiser Event on 17th June 2017. The event was hosted by the new CEO Athar Siddiqui. In attendance were 550 people comprising Helping Little Angels Trustees, volunteers and guests from all over the UK, who joined together to remember Shamim. The event was highly successful, and guests pledged their support to continue the legacy of HLA/JUF projects. The event was a very emotional experience for the Helping Little Angels team, friends and family of Shamim. Her dedication and hard work to further the work of the charity was noted as truly remarkable and her absence was felt by all those who attended, it being the first event since she had departed.

Timeline of key Events

2004   Launch of Jannat ul Firdous (JUF) Orphanage (PK).
………….Shamim Mahmood converts family home into an orphanage in tribute for her late mother.
2005   JUF delivers Earthquake Relief Aid in North Pakistan.
2006   Opening of school – Bissian.
2007   Helping Little Angels (HLA) registers with the Charity Commission on the 28th February.
           Opening of School – Brarkot (450 students).
2008   Opening of school of Islamic Studies – Multan.
2009   Opening of school of Islamic Studies – Sher Shah Colony.
2010   Helping Little Angels delivers Flood Relief Aid.
………….60 tonnes of aid is delivered to 14 flood-affected cities along the River Indus, Pakistan.
2011   Opening of school – Sargodha (110 students).
2012   Opening of Al Jannat Orphanage in Lahore.
………….48 children – 24 boys and 24 girls from the age of 4-18 yrs
2013   Opening of Vocational Training Centre – Lahore.
2014   Opening of school – Layyah.
2016   Opening of school – Sargodha.
………….Children transferred from old school to new school.
………….Operates as model school for the region.
2017   Shamim Mahmood sadly passes away (14th April).
………….Athar Siddiqui is appointed as the new CEO of HLA.
………….Athar Siddiqui delivers aid to Rohingya refugees.

Other projects include:

Masjids: Built in Brarkot, Layyah and Sargodha

Water: 3 water plantations installed in Syria – providing clean water to over 35,000 people. Water pumps and water wells ongoing projects in Pakistan.

Quran memorisation (Hifz project).

Planting of fruit trees.

Orphan weddings project. Financial and moral support to the orphans,

Adult Empowerment project. Provision of sewing machines and food carts.

Helping Little Angels News

Let’s look at some of the events hosted over the past year:

Family fun for all!

Made you laugh!

Comedy Night

In the Know!

Helping Little Angels Makes Changes to its
Corporate Branding

Seven for Syria

Helping Little Angels fundraiser held at Noshahi, Birmingham with special guest speaker Jahan Mahmood, on 16th September 2017. The event was successful in collecting funds to deliver seven essential food items for Syria to those families in desparate need.

Family Fun Day

Held on 16th December 2017 at the Kings Heath Community Center, Birmingham.
The event attracted visitors from all faiths and backgrounds. It was a fun packed day for all the family and included a range of stalls such as jewelry, clothing, toys and sweets. In addition, it included arts and crafts, children’s entertainment, face painting, bouncy castles and afternoon tea.
A special guest appearance was made by the mystery bunny – guess who? *

Comedy Fundraiser

An event for the Rohingya refugees and JUF Charity Trust (PK) was held on Saturday 17th March 2018 at Crystal Plaza, Birmingham.
Guests thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment delivered by the very well-known comedian Omar Hamdi.
The event was hosted by Athar Siddiqui and Najma Hafeez.

Helping Little Angels changes its corporate colours

From green to a new vibrant shade of royal blue to modernise and inject vibrant energy in to the charity. The new shade of blue was chosen to reflect ‘Faith, Stability and Trust’ based on the psychology of colour in marketing and branding, which are values that we would like to project in relation to the work of the Helping Little Angels Charity.


* yes, Mr CEO himself !!!

Helping Little Angels

World Crisis Response News

Athar Siddiqui speaks

about his visit to the

Rohingya Refugee Camp

Relief Aid

to the Rohingya Refugees

Athar Siddiqui made a visit to Bangladesh to hand-deliver aid with the help of Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, who were already operating on the ground in the refugee camp.

We asked him to share his experiences with our readers

What was the purpose of your visit?

Having collected donations at two fundraising events to help the Rohingya Muslim refugees it was decided that I would visit the refugee camps and personally partake in the distribution of supplies to ensure that the aid is properly and safely delivered to the right people.

What was your initial reaction upon reaching the refugee camp?

I was really taken aback and overwhelmed at the sight of the sheer size of these sprawling camps and the vast number of people who were now in a safe place following their desparate exodus from Myanmar. While children ran around and played as children do, their parents could not mask their feelings of anguish and suffering that they had experienced at the hands of the brutal Burmese military.

What are your strongest memories of the visit?

My overriding memory will be of a people that despite their
traumas remain utterly gentle and beautifully well mannered. I never saw anyone begging. I recall an occasion when some children just wanted to follow me, so I took them towards a shop. Once there, I asked the children to buy whatever they wanted. To my disbelief the children just stood outside reluctant to ask for anything. My heart was filled with love as I bought them food and drinks.

But my abiding memory is when I had just completed the handing out of supplies to 550 families. The line of people waiting was still several hundred metres long. They were looking at me expectantly but there was nothing left. I walked up to a group of men in the line and tried to explain in a mix of Urdu, English and sign language that there were no more supplies left. The response was surprisingly very polite and dignified and they accepted wh

at I said. Having queued all day and now having to return to their meagre dwelling, how can such a desperate people be so polite and well-mannered? I felt heart-broken.

What struck you the most during your visit?

I really was struck at the pleasantness of the Bangladeshi
authorities and soldiers who were helping in this relief
operation. I have huge respect for Bangladesh commitment to house and care for a million refugees in their already
overcrowded country; the world should take note, appreciate and help Bangladesh.

Jannat ul Firdous

Charity Trust (Pakistan)

Did you know?

• 697 water hand pumps to date been installed

• Over 3000 trees planted

• 37 Water wells

• Over 300 orphan marriages

• 15 Al Jannat homes built in flood affected areas in Layyah

Jannat ul Firdous Charity Trust

Established in 2004 as a non profit, registered organisation that helps support the orphans, the needy and destitute children by providing emotional and financial support, within a safe and stable environment. The vision of Jannat ul Firdous is to provide quality education, free of charge, and to develop these children to become well educated, independant and confident individuals so that they can make a positive contribution to Pakistan locally, nationally and globally.

Jannat ul Firdous Charity Trust Projects, Pakistan.

Jannat ul Firdous Charity Trust also runs a range of other projects such as orphan marriages, fruit tree plantation in poor areas, water well and water pump projects, feeding the needy,
delivery of ration packages to poor destitute families during Ramadhan and providing gifts for Eid.
Alongside this JUF responds by delivering aid wherever it is required or in response to unexpected calamitous events in Pakistan and indeed around the world.

Help us to help them!


For just £1 a day you can make a difference to a child’s life forever.
Provide an orphan with nutritious food, clothes, medical care, shelter and
education for just £30 per month or £360 per year.


Plant a fruit tree for just £10 in the poorest communities across Pakistan as a source of income for the poor and needy.


Help provide clean water to change the lives of some of the poorest people living in the remotest rural areas of Pakistan for just £182 for a water pump.
Donate a Water Well to help an entire village access clean water.
(please call for further information)


Help provide vital aid such as emergency food parcels, warm clothes, medical
supplies and equipment to various countries affected by calamities around the world. Help us continue our relief efforts.
Please donate!

Changing Lives through education

Support us to provide high quality education free of charge to boys and girls from destitute families in our schools and colleges. Your donations will equip our schools
with fully trained teachers, classroom furniture, teaching equipment, computers, library books, nutritious meals and snacks. Make an impact today – Please donate!


Help us to tackle the long standing issue of gender discrimination and poverty by providing access to and promoting girls education. Make an impact today.
Please donate!

So here’s your chance to make a difference..